Imagine the future: Living the life you've always wanted

Invest in real estate to secure your financial future

It's time to reclaim your power and pave the way to the wealth and security you deserve. Let's face it, the traditional routes to retirement just don't cut it anymore. We are focused on helping high-achieving women leverage real estate investing.

Imagine a future where you have the resources to live the life you always wanted.

Invest in real estate to secure your financial future.

We provide women with the specialized knowledge they need to navigate the complexities of real estate investing with confidence. Our programs are designed to simplify and demystify the real estate industry, making it accessible and achievable for women of all backgrounds.


There aren’t enough women in real estate investing. We are here to change that.

A staggering 95% of women believed that the financial services industry was not built with them in mind. At Hard Hat Hotties, we aren't just bothered by this statistic, we're here to break it down, brick by brick! 
Our program is designed to help women crush it in the real estate investing game. We know that it can be tough to navigate the ins and outs of the industry, so we offer support every step of the way. We'll show you the ropes and guide you on how to pick the best properties at the best price and then help you to secure them under contract. 

And that's not all - once you've got that down, we'll give you the lowdown on how to flip the property for massive profits or hold it long-term for a steady income stream. And the best part? This isn't your average boring training class - it's a totally immersive, hands-on experience that gets you up close and personal with the real estate investing world

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Don't Take Our Word For it

Pamela A.

Dr. Tammara is the GOAT of Investing
If you're thinking about becoming an investor, I suggest that you take Dr. Williams's SMO Challenge. You will receive the necessary tools and golden nuggets to become a great investor. I have learned the correct terminology, how to calculate a deal, how to do my research, know when to walk away, and how to find my funding. I am so excited about the wisdom and knowledge I have received from Dr. Williams this week, and I just want you to have that same opportunity to receive those golden nuggets. 

I am excited about this jewel. She is the GOAT of investing.

Denise S.

Dr. T. has poured so much into my spirit
Dr. Tammara is such an amazing, good teacher. She has poured so much into my spirit. Not only does she equip you with the knowledge that you need to become a successful investor or in any of your endeavors, but she pours into personally and challenges you to think outside of the box with a new mindset.

People back home in my family thought that it would be absurd for someone of my character, my color skin complexion being a female, to do it in such a male-dominated world. Now I know I can move forward with the help of my community and Dr. Tammara.

We Are Here To Support Your Journey


We believe in building knowledge while simultaneously building a better future, empowering women to make informed choices and take calculated risks in real estate investing.


Dr. Tammara, our founder, guides you through the entire provides you with the knowledge and confidence to take the next step in investing. 


We foster a vibrant and supportive community. Together, we can build a strong network of women who are taking back their neighborhoods, one house at a time.

About Our Founder - Dr. Tammara Combs Williams

Dr. Tammara Combs Williams has been killing it in real estate investing for over 20 years now! She’s a licensed broker and realtor who has done millions of dollars worth of deals. Plus, she coaches high-achieving women on how to invest in real estate and has written two successful books on the subject that have helped women just like you achieve no stranger to shattering glass ceilings. 

She conquered the tech industry and then turned to real estate investing, making her mark every step of the way. In this masterclass, she will share her personal journey—from being a single mom to excelling in tech and then becoming a successful real estate investor. Dr. Tammara has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in training, so you don’t have to! She will share her first-hand knowledge.

Her mission is to help women overcome barriers in the real estate market, create wealth and economic security, and take back their
neighborhoods, one house at a time. 

Our Hard Hat Hotties Program Works For

  • Business Owners Who Want to Diversify with Real Estate
  • ​Professionals Who Always Wanted to Invest In Real Estate but Didn’t Know How to Start
  • Real Estate Agents Who Want To Better Serve Their Investor Clients
  • ​Real Estate
  • ​Investors Who Want to Do More Deals and Maximize Their Return
And it can work for you!
  • Women who are Business Owners And Want to Diversify with Real Estate
  • ​Busy Professionals Who Want to Invest In Real Estate but Don't Know How 
  • Real Estate Agents Who Want To Serve Their Investor Clients Better
  • ​Investors Who Want to Do More Deals and Maximize Their Return
  • Any woman who is ready for a change!
No real estate or investing experience. No real estate license is required.

5 Mistakes Women Make When Investing


Dr. Tammara covers the top 5 mistakes most high-achieving women make when they start real estate investing. 

Avoid costly mistakes with this free guide. 

Invest in real estate to secure your financial future.

It's Time For You To Be In Control

Take the first step towards a future of empowerment and financial freedom. Join us today and stop imagining and start doing.

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